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Tesla sues Ontario government for shutting down electric vehicle incentives

Talking point: Last month, Doug Ford’s government shut down the cap-and-trade program that was financing a $14,000-per-car electric vehicle rebate. Today, Tesla filed a lawsuit claiming the Ministry of Transportation had “discriminatory intentions” and was targeting them specifically through the shutdown. As of press time, the Ontario government had not responded to Tesla’s claims. (Electrek)

Twitter suspends Tesla whistleblower following tweets about his former employer

Talking point: Martin Tripp tweeted details and photos allegedly backing up his claims of improper manufacturing techniques against his former employer on Wednesday night. His account was suspended for 12 hours, with some tweets taken down, after he posted an image containing CEO Elon Musk’s email address. Most damning of the accusations was a listing of Tesla models he claimed were sold with “punctured / dented / damaged” batteries. Tesla—who, in unrelated news, is being subpoenaed by the SEC—denied the accusations in a statement to Gizmodo. (Gizmodo)

Wealthsimple launches zero-commission stock-trading app

Talking point: The new service, called Wealthsimple Trade, will allow users to buy, sell and trade stocks and exchange traded funds through an app with no account minimums or fees, something the financial company says is a first in Canada. Robo-advisor services are already less expensive than traditional investment advisors, charging roughly 0.5 per cent annually in Canada. Cutting that half per cent down doesn’t seem like much, but it can add up after several decades of investing. (Financial Post)