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Bitcoin’s value is falling rapidly as bad news piles up

Talking point: Quebec plans to make electricity expensive for crypto miners, Japanese coin exchanges were ordered to improve their anti-money-laundering measures and a major South Korean exchange was hacked and robbed of US$30 million in crypto. At the end of the June 22 working week, the price of Bitcoin had fallen 7.7 per cent to US$6,194—its lowest point in 2018. Ethereum was down 9.3 per cent to US$475. Ouch. (Quartz)

BlackBerry shares plunge nine per cent, their lowest in a year

Talking point: Mobile software was meant to revive BlackBerry after losing smartphone-market dominance, but the company is now forecasting eight to 10 per cent growth next year, compared to 20 per cent in 2018. It may be up to BlackBerry's new interest in self-driving cars to drive it into the future. (Reuters)

Canada and Peru get Facebook’s controversial Messenger Kids app

Talking point: Child development experts and health advocacy groups, backed by a growing body of research, are worried that the app for children under 13 could have damaging cognitive and social impacts. Another red flag is that Messenger Kids is effectively a vehicle for Facebook to build its next-generation user base. (The Verge)