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YouTube CEO urges creators to protest EU copyright rule

Talking point: In an open letter addressed to content creators, Susan Wojcicki warned that Article 13, a new copyright rule recently approved by the European Union, would significantly hinder their ability to post content online. Article 13 would put in place stringent checks to ensure content doesn’t violate copyright laws before being posted on platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. (Axios)

Ahead of Singles’ Day, Alibaba goes to space

Talking point: The Chinese e-commerce giant will launch a mini space station and a communication satellite designed to speed up processing times during its 24-hour shopping extravaganza known as “Singles’ Day.” (TechNode)

Germany wants a global ‘minimum tax’ for tech giants’ revenue

Talking point: Olaf Scholz, Germany’s finance minister, wrote a guest article in the newspaper Welt am Sonntag calling for a universal approach to preventing tax evasion by Big Tech. He also added that additional measures are required to make it harder to move money into tax havens. (The Next Web)