Top Prospects: Leading innovators from the Class of 2020

First row: Mariam Ragab (Dalhousie University), Avery Vine (Carleton University), Nick Meade (Dalhousie University). Second row: Raaj Chatterjee (Simon Fraser University), Sal Choueib (Queen’s University), Lana El Sanyoura (University of Toronto), Katherine Westerlund (University of British Columbia). Third row: Alisha Bhanji (University of Waterloo), Michael Jobity (McMaster University), Shekhar Kumar (University of Toronto).

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Amazon not banning U.S. employees from using TikTok on their phones

The company said an email sent to U.S. employees saying they must remove the Chinese-owned video app from their phones by today was an error and there's been no change in policy. “There is no change to our policies right now with regard to TikTok," said an Amazon spokesperson. (The New York Times, The Verge)

Report says AIMCo needs a ‘change to the culture’ following $2.1-billion loss

Risk management controls at Alberta’s pension fund manager were “unsatisfactory” and helped lead to the loss, according to a report prepared for the Alberta Investment Management Corporation’s board of directors. Specifically, it criticizes risks taken by a volatility program, saying it left the fund particularly vulnerable to the sudden, COVID-19-related downswing of the stock market in early March. AIMCo CEO Kevin Uebelein said the fund manager was “immediately” implementing the report’s 10 recommendations. (Financial Post)

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