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Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners invests in recycling robots

SIP has announced its first deal, participating in a US$16-million round in AMP Robotics, a Denver, Colo.-based startup that makes robots that claim to sort your recycling twice as fast as humans, and with much greater accuracy. (The Logic)

Apple launches research app, and three opt-in health studies

The app lets iPhone and Apple Watch users in the U.S. participate in three studies: one on the link between menstrual cycles and disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome; another on how heart-rate details could warn of illnesses like heart disease; and one that looks at how noise levels affect hearing. Apple is paying for the studies, which are all being done in partnership with different medical and academic institutions, like Harvard’s School of Public Health. (New York Times)

Google changes ad-data sharing after regulatory scrutiny

The company will stop providing information during its automated ad auctions about the category—such as news, weather or real estate—of the pages on which it’s selling ad placements. In a blog post, it said the change will enhance privacy by preventing advertisers from tying individual users to specific interests, including sensitive ones like health, religion and sexuality. (The Logic)

WeWork lost US$1.25 billion in its last quarter under Adam Neumann

The losses for the quarter ended September are up more than 150 per cent from the same quarter in 2018, even though revenue increased about 94 per cent to US$934 million. The shared-office-space company also reported that its occupancy rate dropped from 84 to 79 per cent, the lowest since mid-2017. (New York Times)

U.K. startup plans hyperloop-style parcel-delivery system for London

Magway said its technology is “ready to go” for the system of narrow pipes it proposes to run through the U.K. that would carry pods full of groceries and other parcels at about 30 miles per hour. The startup’s first route would run along a 32-kilometre tunnel in London. The system, which Magway said could be operating within three years, would shave about five minutes off above-ground delivery times in the area. (CNBC)

Google sets its sights on personal banking

It will partner with Citigroup and a California credit union to offer chequing accounts to American consumers starting next year, in an initiative code-named Cache. A spokesperson told The Logic there are “no immediate plans” to launch in Canada. (The Wall Street Journal)