To prevent conflicts of interest and to ensure our editorial independence, The Logic keeps its newsroom operations separate from its business operations. For example, editorial staff aren’t included in discussions about prospective sponsorships, and employees who work on the business side aren’t included in discussions about upcoming stories. 


Our journalists are forbidden from using their positions, and any confidential information of which they become aware in the course of doing their jobs, for any business or personal advantage not available to the general public.


Our journalists may not solicit or accept gifts or favours of more than nominal value from any person or organization that might have an interest in The Logic’s coverage. If they receive an unsolicited gift, they are expected to notify their editor and to return it—or if that’s not possible, to donate it to an appropriate charity. When meeting sources, our journalists should pay their own way whenever practical.


The Logic’s journalists don’t report on companies or subjects in which they have a financial or other strong personal interest. Where there are potential conflicts of interest—or the appearance of them—our journalists are expected to proactively disclose them to their editors so they can be avoided or mitigated. 


While The Logic does accept some investments, sponsorships and grants from individuals and organizations, we don’t make editorial decisions based on whether it will secure us such funding. Accepting an investment, sponsorship or grant doesn’t mean we endorse the person or organization behind it, nor does it exempt them from our journalistic scrutiny.


Board of directors

Rick Ekstein, Board Chair

Alison Loat, Director

Andrew MacLeod, Director

Irfhan Rawji, Director

David Skok, Director

Jessica Lessin, Observer



The Logic has received investment funding of $100,000 or more from the following organizations, none of which have any editorial involvement:

  • Four Cornerstones Capital 
  • Postmedia Inc.
  • Relay Ventures


Investments from friends and family of $99,999 or less are not listed, though they may choose to publicly disclose their investment



The Logic has received grants from the following organizations, none of which have any editorial involvement:

  • The Government of Canada (Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, Canada Emergency Business Account, Special Measures for Journalism — Canada Periodical Fund)
  • Facebook Journalism Project COVID-19 program (one-time grant of $5,000)


*The Logic has a professional media monitoring service contract with the Federal Public Service.