An illustration depicts a downward-pointing white maple leaf made up of a neural network-like map, symbolizing AI, being knitted by two orange hands. The background is red.

    The artificial intelligence boom presents Canada with unique opportunities and risks as we seek to benefit from a technology that could reshape how we live.


    In this special series, The Logic examines how Canadian companies, investors, institutions and workers can gain from the country’s early lead in AI, even as Canada’s pioneers in the field become the world’s most powerful voices of caution.



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    Opportunity and risk

    Canada helped lay the foundations for the modern AI boom. Can it reap the rewards?



    We’ve held and lost the global lead in technologies before. But this time—in every way—the stakes are higher. Read the full story here »



    Letter from the editor

    Announcing The Logic’s most ambitious editorial project to date



    AI could reshape the future. What part will Canada play? Read the full story here »



    How we got here

    Rogue to vogue: How Canada’s AI vision won out, and what comes next



    The models now supercharging AI began with a cluster of computer scientists working on an unpopular idea. Now it’s everywhere. Read the full story here »



    Canadian pharma’s AI edge

    How AI gave Canada an early lead in finding new medicines—and how we could lose it



    Our world-class capability in finding useful molecules runs into trouble when we try to do anything with them. Read the full story here »



    Corporate Canada’s AI adoption

    AI is ready to disrupt. So why is corporate Canada slow to adopt it?



    Canadian businesses’ cautious uptake of the technology may put the country at a disadvantage during a moment of rapid advancement. Read the full story here »



    The global movement driving AI fear

    Doom, Inc.: The well-funded global movement that wants you to fear AI



    Warnings from Canadians Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton are shaping how the world thinks about AI. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read the full story here »



    Labour’s stand on AI

    Canada’s AI rush is on. Will it hit a wall of union resistance?



    Workers’ concerns about job loss, surveillance and the inhuman consequences of machine-made decisions could slow adoption. Read the full story here »



    AI talent in Canada

    How the global AI boom could trigger Canada’s next brain drain



    Big salaries and opportunities are suddenly everywhere. Will homegrown AI researchers stay? Read the full story here »



    Canada’s compute gap

    ‘To compete, you must compute’: Powering Canada’s AI surge



    The country will need more data-processing capacity to keep its edge in artificial intelligence, and demand will keep growing. Read the full story here »



    The political challenge

    Kevin Carmichael: Can Canada’s political class meet AI’s challenge?



    A once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunity will pass us by if we can’t move quickly to seize it. Read the full story here »



    Moonshot potential

    In a quiet Canadian biology lab, an AI-fuelled moonshot takes shape



    Armed with artificial intelligence and millions of bugs, scientists race to unravel one of the world’s toughest biodiversity challenges. Read the full story here »



    AI in national defence

    Canada finalizing new artificial intelligence strategy for defence: Minister



    More logistics management than killer robots, and we’re already behind, analysts say. Read the full story here »



    A threat to the supply chain

    Canada’s AI successes depend on a safe and stable Taiwan. Beijing might not want that



    Nobody can afford a conflict that could break the supply chains that run through the contested island—yet. Read the full story here »



    Subscriber survey

    AI has potential to harm society, 80% of subscribers say



    Yet nearly two-thirds say Canada can maintain lead in artificial intelligence. Read the full story here »



    Brave steps, new world

    Brave steps, new world: Canada seeks its place in the AI future



    Canada is well positioned to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence, while playing a prominent role in its governance. But there’s much left to do. Read the full story here »