GV leads US$15-million investment in stealth Canadian cybersecurity startup Cmd


Vancouver-based Cmd, which helps companies improve internal cybersecurity processes, was founded by former Hootsuite senior security engineer Jake King and Silicon Valley-based Expa partner Milun Tesovic. Its founding team includes engineers from BlackBerry’s QNX division. (VentureBeat)

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Talking point: Cybersecurity is becoming a lucrative opportunity in the wake of high-profile breaches involving companies like Yahoo and FedEx. And, Canadian companies have benefited from the trend. Kitchener-based ISARA raised US$10 million from Silicon Valley-based Shasta Ventures to defend against quantum computers, while Cybeats got $3 million for Internet of Things security. Cybersecurity Ventures, a research publication, estimates that global cybersecurity spending will surpass US$1 trillion by 2021.