EU launching full-scale antitrust investigation of Google’s US$2.1-billion Fitbit takeover


EU officials want Google to agree not to use Fitbit’s data to improve its search engine, and to make all data available to third parties. A full investigation will reportedly be launched next week. (Financial Times, Reuters)

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Talking point: Tech firms are facing fresh challenges from Europe one day after U.S. lawmakers grilled the CEOs of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told a congressional committee Thursday he didn’t think advertisers should set policy. Now organizers of an ad boycott against Facebook are asking European firms to join them. Apple CEO Tim Cook denied allegations that his firm’s App Store engaged in anti-competitive behaviour. Now Telegram is bringing an antitrust complaint against Apple to the EU. Amazon is also facing a lawsuit seeking to block its expansion in France. Over the past year, European regulators have drafted laws designed to rein in the tech firms, from implementing digital taxes to making it easier to launch investigations.