Cryptocurrency getting little uptake in Canada, Bank of Canada finds


Just five per cent of Canadians own cryptocurrencies, according to a survey  the central bank conducted in August and September 2019. That’s about the same percentage as from the bank’s 2018 study. (The Logic)

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Talking point: The Bank of Canada has repeatedly said widespread use of cryptocurrencies and abandonment of cash could prompt it to to issue its own digital currency. In October 2019, The Logic reported the bank was exploring issuing a coin that could share information with police and tax authorities. Cryptocurrency usage staying flat bodes ill for a prompt rollout. Similarly, while the number of Canadians who stopped using cash is up to 10 per cent, from seven per cent in 2018, that doesn’t appear to be enough of a drop for the bank. “Despite an overall decline in daily transactional use, cash remains important to many Canadians,” reads the study.