Big Tech podcast: James Der Derian on how quantum tech will change our lives


Google and IBM are in a race to achieve quantum supremacy, and both claim they’re winning. But what does quantum supremacy really mean? Quantum technologies have the ability to solve complex solutions to build better materials, design more effective pharmaceutical treatments and optimize large distribution networks. Nations and corporations that can harness the power of quantum technologies will have an advantage over their competitors. The leap in technology could be so great, it could have devastating impacts on the economies that lack them. 

In this episode of Big Tech, co-hosts David Skok and Taylor Owen speak with James Der Derian, director of the Centre for International Security Studies at The University of Sydney and principal investigator at Project Q, about the impact of quantum technologies could have on peace, security, economics and society. 

Shohini Ghose, professor of physics and computer science at Wilfrid Laurier University, provides a foundational understanding of quantum computing at the beginning of this episode. 

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