Waterfront Toronto chair expects Sidewalk Labs final plan to be a few months late

    Stephen Diamond, chair of Waterfront Toronto’s board of directors Waterfront Toronto

    The chair of Waterfront Toronto is expecting Sidewalk Labs’ final plan for its contentious smart city development to be a few months late.

    Stephen Diamond said he was “somewhat disappointed” that he hadn’t yet received material from Sidewalk Labs.

    “We thought we might even get some material before, but now, I believe that—in terms of their view—they have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s,” he said.

    In an hour-long interview with The Logic—Diamond’s first since his inaugural meeting as Waterfront Toronto board’s new chair—he discussed some of the concerns that he raised with Sidewalk Labs, what he believes is needed to make the project work once the plan has been delivered and why he wants his organization to reassert itself.

    “It is important for Waterfront Toronto to take much more of a lead in terms of where we’re headed with this proposal,” said Diamond.

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