Top Prospects: Leading innovators from the Class of 2019

    First row: Christina Chung (Gustavo Tolevo), Ashna Misra (Clare Kiernan), Laura Machado (Ahmed El-Zein). Second row: Jiakai Li, Vasundhara Gautam. Third row: Yuqing Du (Clare Kienan), Shweta Mogalapalli (Vivek Mogalapalli), Cole Powers. Fourth row: Jude Arokiam, Alyssia Jovellanos.

    Last year, The Logic asked some of Canada’s top engineering and computer science universities to share the stories of some of the rising stars set to shape the country’s future.

    Based on this year’s most recent rankings of Canada’s best engineering and computer science schools, The Logic has put together a list of the top undergraduate students finishing school this year. Some in this group have found work in their disciplines—from up-and-coming startups to the world’s largest tech companies—while others have chosen to pursue their own dreams.

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