Twitter banning political ads in Canada until election campaign


The social media giant will ban partisan and candidate ads from June 30, the day Canada’s new election rules kick in, until the official election campaign for the scheduled October election begins, likely in September. Twitter will also launch a registry of advertisers so voters can see who’s paying for ads and which audiences they’re targeting, in compliance with the new rules. The company will allow issue-based political advertising during the pre-campaign period, since those aren’t covered by the rules until the campaign begins. (CBC)

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Talking point: Twitter’s approach falls somewhere between Facebook and Google’s. The former has agreed to comply with the federal government’s election ad rules, while the latter is banning all political ads until the election is over, saying it doesn’t have enough time to comply with the rules. Still, Google has acknowledged that keeping prohibited ads off its platform will be a challenge. For its part, Twitter says it has set up a team to monitor the Canadian election and deal with ad violations, as well as signs of foreign interference. Elections Canada has said it will fine or prosecute platforms that fail to comply with the rules.