Stolen, burned, tossed in the lake: E-scooters face vandals’ wrath


Nearly 100 Lime and Bird scooters have been dumped in Oakland’s Lake Merritt since late September. That’s in addition to theft, vandalism and damage: Scoot Networks, a U.S. electric bike- and scooter-sharing company, told The Wall Street Journal that more than 200 of its 650 scooters in San Francisco had been stolen or destroyed within two weeks of launch. (The Guardian)

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Talking point: As scooter companies like Bird and Lime have grown in popularity, so too has the waste. San Francisco, one of the first launch grounds for the year’s scooter craze, impounded 503 scooters in the spring, only returning them to their respective companies after they’d paid fees. The Los-Angeles based Instagram account @birdgraveyard, which posts submissions of damaged scooters, said it receives 50 to 100 submissions a day. As Lime—and, eventually, other scooter-sharing companies—moves into Canada, it’s only a matter of time before similar issues spread north, as well.