Facebook introduces more new features in fight against disinformation


New changes include clearer disclosure of who runs Facebook pages and whether they’re linked to state-owned media; more prominent labels on debunked news; and stricter rules meant to curb voter suppression. (Washington Post)

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Talking point: The rules are meant to limit the spread of disinformation via user-owned Facebook pages. Facebook also said Monday it had suspended four disinformation campaigns—three of which were Iran-based, and one in Russia—that were targeting users in the U.S., North Africa and Latin America. While the company is trying to show it’s getting a handle on its disinformation problem, it’s still being criticized for allowing political candidates to lie in their Facebook ads—a policy CEO Mark Zuckerberg has defended as preserving free speech. The new features come two days before Zuckerberg is set to testify before the U.S. House Financial Services Committee in a hearing that will focus on how Facebook has impacted the financial and housing sectors.