AT&T faces lawsuit as Sprint calls out deceptive 5GE title


Sprint is alleging its competitor broke U.S. federal laws around false advertising by branding its network 5GE when it actually operates closer to 4G speeds than 5G ones. AT&T has previously claimed the “E” in 5GE stands for “evolution” as it works up to 5G speeds. On Friday, AT&T said it will fight the lawsuit. (VentureBeat)

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Talking point: Verizon and T-Mobile have also complained about AT&T’s advertising, but Sprint is the first major telecom to actually sue in an attempt to stop the company. Sprint claimed it was losing customers because of AT&T’s campaign. It’s a critical time for Sprint, which has invested billions in network upgrades to build a 5G network. AT&T has a history of similar practices. When it transitioned from 3G to 4G, as outlined by The Logics briefing in December 2018, AT&T started using 4G logos well before its phones reached 4G speeds.