Letter from the editor: It’s The Logic’s second birthday


I hope you’re staying safe this weekend.

This week, The Logic celebrated its second anniversary.

When we flipped the switch at 6:00 a.m. on June 12, 2018, we weren’t sure we would last three months. But here we are two years later, more energized, more confident and with a sharper focus on who we aim to serve. 

The goal of this publication has always been to constructively disrupt the status quo. In practice, that means covering Canada’s economic transformation to a knowledge economy. There isn’t a natural place for us in the important conversations happening right now following the police killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests on behalf of Black lives, which we strongly support.

But we do know that anti-Black racism happens in Canada’s innovation ecosystem, and we simply haven’t covered it. 

Almost all of our most high-profile companies in the banking, telecommunications, energy and pension sectors––the stalwarts of the Canadian economy––are led by white male CEOs. Policymakers, the other group we cover closely, are equally white; a Black person has never been appointed Deputy Minister in the federal public service. 

But we don’t exist to reflect power back to itself. Black-owned companies have access to very little venture capital. The parts of the startup sector that attract attention—and the media covering it—are predominantly white. And, the burdens of the gig economy and bias in surveillance algorithms fall overwhelmingly on people who are not white.

We want to tell those stories. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being with us on this journey now for two years. I hope that you will continue to help spread the word that there’s a new voice in Canadian journalism that’s worth paying for. 

We couldn’t do this work without you.