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Huawei sues the Federal Communications Commission for banning its products

The Chinese telecommunications and tech giant is accusing the FCC of harming its sales in the U.S. after the agency voted to bar telecoms from using federal subsidies to buy Huawei equipment. It deemed Huawei a national security risk due to its links with the Chinese government, evidence of which Huawei claims the FCC hasn’t provided. (The New York Times)

Google fired staff for labour activism, new complaint alleges

A filing with the National Labor Relations Board says the California-based web juggernaut illegally terminated one or more staff from the Google Ads division because they had joined or expressed support for a labour group—and that it compels its staff to follow its anti-union regulations. (Bloomberg)

WhatsApp is shutting down Kashmir residents’ accounts

Users say their contacts in the Indian state left the app’s group chats en masse Wednesday. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, said accounts expire automatically when they’ve been inactive for 120 days. (BuzzFeed News)

Infrastructure Bank puts up $300 million for Port of Montreal container terminal

The expansion in Contrecoeur, Que. is projected to cost between $750 million and $950 million. Work was originally scheduled to begin in 2021, with the terminal opening in 2023 or 2024. But securing environmental assessments for the site and private funding for the remaining budget could push back the construction timeline. (La Presse, The Canadian Press)