Telus tops Big Three in factors like 4G availability, download speeds: Report


A report from Opensignal, an analytics firm, found that Telus outpaced Bell and Rogers in 4G availability, download speed, video experience—based on load times and frequency of interruptions—and latency, referring to the lag time in live communication apps. Telus and Rogers tied in upload speed. (The Logic)

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Talking point: While Telus outpaced the other two firms in most of the categories, it wasn’t by a significant amount. For example, the report noted that Telus was the first to reach 90 per cent 4G availability at 90.1 per cent, which means users were able to access the network that percentage of the time. Rogers and Bell were behind by just a few percentage points, at 87.9 per cent and 88.6 per cent, respectively. Opensignal noted incremental advances in 4G are now expected in Canada as companies turn their attention to launching 5G. But one 4G metric operators are still improving upon is download speed: peak speeds passed 180 MBps across the country; in Montreal and Toronto, Telus speeds neared 300 MBps.