Statistics Canada launches new centre focusing on gender, diversity and inclusion


The online hub presents data through a gender-based analysis and tracks how Canada is doing in its attempts to meet the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, like eliminating hunger and poverty. (The Logic)

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Talking point: There’s a lot of potentially valuable data here that could both inform policymakers and help businesses. The hub tracks how many businesses in Canada are women-owned, which the government said could help boost women’s participation on boards. It also collates the number of women managers (593,400) compared to those who are men (1,123,900), and the disability instance rate by sex: 24 per cent for women, 20 per cent for men. Much of this is an amalgamation of data Statistics Canada has already collected, but some of it—thanks, in part, to $6.7 million the government allocated for the new hub—is new. Another forthcoming shift Statistics Canada is considering: having a more specific definition of STEM professions, which would improve statistics on which immigrants are coming to Canada for the tech sector.