OneWeb will offer Canadian internet service within two years, starting in the north


Adrian Steckel, CEO of the Virginia-based satellite internet company, said Alaska and Canada’s north will be able to access its services by “late 2020 or early 2021.” Ottawa-based Telesat won’t offer service until 2022, but its CEO, Dan Goldberg, said OneWeb’s services won’t be high enough quality to satisfy Canadians. (Globe and Mail)

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Talking point: The dream of satellite-based internet is that it can connect people in remote areas, airplanes and ships in the middle of the ocean. Making that dream a reality is expensive and technically difficult. That isn’t stopping a huge amount of money flowing into the space, though: OneWeb has raised $4.6 billion and the federal government has committed $1.7 billion over 13 years for rural internet, some of which will go to satellite-based internet companies. The technical challenges were on full display last week when SpaceX launched 60 satellites, a successful attempt following two postponements.