Facebook antitrust suit coming as soon as early December


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and dozens of state attorneys general will file at least one complaint against Facebook early next month. Up to 41 states may join the lawsuit, though they’ve yet to determine if the FTC and the states will file as two groups or one. (Reuters)

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Talking point: What the plaintiffs will allege in court is not yet finalized, but they’re expected to focus on allegations of Facebook violating antitrust law to protect its social media market share. That includes allegations the company’s US$1-billion Instagram acquisition stifled competition. Governments around the world have also been taking steps against Big Tech. China set out the first antitrust rules for the sector earlier this month. Also in November, the EU brought antitrust charges against Amazon after a year-long investigation, and a tech coalition has asked the European Commission to take action against Google, as well.