Amid industry-wide cutbacks, some Canadian startups are launching hiring sprees

    A group of Dialogue staff. Dialogue

    Steve Munford’s first day as CEO of Trulioo was also the day the 150-person company moved to working remotely. 

    “My first day was with a computer in my basement, so I guess I am case one as far as our ability to onboard an employee remotely,” said Munford. 

    The Vancouver-based identity-verification startup is one of about a half-dozen Canadian tech companies The Logic spoke with that are staffing up while their competitors cut back. “We’re seeing the availability, the number of applicants, the quality of the applicants, all on the rise,” said Munford. Trulioo has hired 12 staff since it switched to remote work, and is looking to add 15 more. The company, which announced a $60-million Series C round in September 2019, is also giving back: it’s donating to local charities the $15,000 a month it would have been spending on food for staff in its office.

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