MaRS Solutions Lab developing data trust primer for Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs


Waterfront Toronto has commissioned MaRS Solutions Lab to develop a primer on the issue of data trusts, a potential approach to the governance of data within the Quayside development proposed by Sidewalk Labs. Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs are splitting the funding for this initiative, and the contract is under the $50,000 threshold dictated by Waterfront Toronto’s procurement policy to publicly release awarded contracts. (The Logic)

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Talking point: Waterfront Toronto has had a Memorandum of Understanding with MaRS dating back to 2015 for this type of work in innovation and solution assessments. The goal is to “create a public Primer document that can serve as a source of accessible information in order to inform and enable subsequent public consultation and dialogue,” according to a presentation given to Waterfront Toronto’s Digital Strategy Advisory Panel on Thursday. The primer will be publicly released on January 14 and will be discussed at the next Civic Labs meeting specifically focused on the issue of a data trust, which takes place soon after.