Contacting The Logic securely


    Some of the most important stories come from sensitive material that sources share with journalists. We appreciate the professional and personal risk that sources often take when coming forward. Our pledge is to protect our sources—their identities, as well as their communications with us, unless we’ve been given permission to share it.




    All our reporters’ personal emails can be found on our About Us page.


    For an additional layer of security, look into PGP encryption. PGP uses a public key that belongs to the journalist you want to reach and makes the conversation unreadable to anyone else. Like end-to-end encryption, PGP is vulnerable to breaches, and up-to-date security information can be found on sites like the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


    A popular PGP encryption software for Mac is GPG Suite, and for Windows, Gpg4win. If you use a browser-based email service like Gmail, you can try Mailvelope.


    An encrypted email still shares the sender’s identity. To avoid this, you can create a unique email address for your communications with The Logic. Make sure that no personal identifiers link you to the account. You might also want to consider sending your email using a private or incognito browser.


    Mail by post


    An oldie but a goodie. If you want to send us a tip, but don’t need a response, you can send us a letter, files or documents through the mail at the following address:


    The Logic Inc.

    204-390 Dupont St.

    Toronto, ON

    M5R 1V9