The Treasury Board Secretariat “continues to promote” the exposure-notification app, but has not mandated its use, spokesperson Bianca Healy said. The government has 331,499 active cellular plans. (The Logic)

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Talking point: The Ontario government is remote-installing the app ahead of this weekend on more than 25,000 phones used by provincial public servants, while Toronto city council voted in September to do the same for the 9,235 devices used by municipal staff. (Users would still have to choose to activate the app). The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has opposed government-mandated downloads, even for public-sector employees, noting that federal and provincial privacy commissioners approved it on the basis that it was voluntary. In August, Digital Government Minister Joyce Murray stressed to The Logic that the app was optional, but declined to commit to introducing legislation preventing employers and service providers from requiring its use, as policy experts like Ryerson University’s Cybersecure Policy Exchange had recommended.