Letter from the editor: The Logic is growing


My four-year-old son said goodbye to his summer camp friends yesterday, which means that we are sadly nearing the unofficial end of summer. We soft-launched The Logic right when school was ending, and it’s really hard to believe just how quickly the past 10 weeks have gone by.

The only other instance I’ve counted time in weeks instead of months was right after my son’s birth. Like the birth of a newborn, we continue to suffer from a lack of sleep!

But also, just like proud parents, we continue to watch as The Logic grows.

This week, we announced our expansion into the nation’s capital with the hiring of Murad Hemmadi. Murad’s meteoric rise in Canadian journalism is a reflection of his immense talents as a reporter and editor. He comes to The Logic from Maclean’s magazine, where he was an associate editor. Prior to joining Maclean’s, Murad was a senior editor at Canadian Business, where he specialized in tech and innovation reporting. This is a man who knows his stuff.

Murad will be based in Ottawa, which will give our reporting on innovation policy an important contextual lens. If you’re reading this and you’re based in Ottawa, please reach out to Murad via DM. I know he’d be delighted to hear from you.

In other proud team news this week, our reporter Zane Schwartz was awarded the prestigious Goff Penny Award for the second year in a row for his outstanding reporting while working at the National Post.

The award, named after the first president of the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Ottawa, is given each year to honour “outstanding work published in daily newspapers by young Canadian journalists aged 20 to 25.”

It should go without saying that we’re incredibly proud of Zane’s accomplishments, and are absolutely privileged that he comes to work every day with us. Especially those of us with budding grey hair who are no longer eligible for awards handed out to 25-year-olds.

Zane has already left his mark at The Logic, including in an excellent story from last week outlining how Amazon has heavily increased its lobbying efforts across Canada since January. The timeframe coincides with Toronto’s selection as a finalist for the HQ2 bid, raising some questions about Amazon’s efforts to seek incentives from the bid process beyond the traditional tax discounts awarded to multinationals.

Some other stories that you may have missed recently:

Sean Craig reported on Hootsuite. Once considered a tech darling in Canada, it’s now facing an existential crisis since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. While Big Tech scrambles to regain control of its algorithms, companies like the Vancouver-based Hootsuite, who have built entire platforms off the backs of Facebook and Twitter APIs, are now caught in the middle.

Sean also looked into how Facebook is wrestling with suicide prevention in Indigenous communities and why those efforts may not be that effective.

With all the talk of Elon Musk and his recent personal and professional challenges with Tesla, Catherine McIntyre reported on the impact he’s having in the Canadian transportation space since his now-infamous hyperloop white paper in 2013. Catherine’s reporting showcased how TransPod, a Canadian company, is having trouble getting started in this country, while gaining traction in Europe and around the world.

Our work was cited this week in the Financial Times and Harvard University’s Nieman Lab.

We have a new product feature to announce. Subscribers can now share full articles with their friends. This gift functionality is something that we’ve wanted since launch, and we’re excited that it’s now available as an added benefit of your subscription. 

Being a startup while covering startups gives us a unique lens on what entrepreneurs face in starting a business. These efforts are only made possible by our subscribers. Join our vibrant community of Canadians who care deeply about the country’s future by subscribing today.

Last, but most certainly not least, the end of summer means that we have to say goodbye to our incredible interns, Caroline Mercer and Hanna Lee. We are so grateful for their efforts. Caroline was integral in setting up all of our marketing efforts and Hanna has been a superstar copy editor and fact-checker. They weren’t just interns; they were part of our founding team and we could not have made it through these first 10 weeks without them. A simple thank you won’t do them justice.

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