U.S. blacklists another 28 Chinese companies, targeting growing AI sector


The new additions include some of China’s leading AI companies, such as Megvii, Hikvision and the world’s most valuable AI startup, SenseTime. The U.S. Commerce Department said each firm is implicated in human rights abuses perpetrated by the Chinese government against Muslim minorities. (New York Times)

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Talking point: Washington said the move wasn’t connected to trade negotiations, which are set to resume Thursday, for the first time citing human rights concerns as a reason for banning Chinese companies. The bans could seriously undermine China’s burgeoning AI industry and curb the country’s stated goal of becoming a global leader in the field by 2030. Several companies—including Hikvision, the world’s largest maker of video-surveillance equipment—have strongly condemned the decision. Many of the newly banned firms, which are now effectively disallowed from buying American products, rely on U.S.-made parts and will have to move their supply chains elsewhere. That could bolster Chinese President Xi Jinping’s existing directive to increase self-sufficiency in the country’s tech sector.