Twitter is about to be questioned about political bias by India’s nationalist government


The social media platform’s Indian executives will appear before a parliamentary committee on Monday, where they will reportedly be asked whether users supportive of the ruling BJP and right-wing positions are being suppressed or shut down. Twitter has denied the claims. The committee is also set to look into the issue of fake news, as the country prepares for a national election in April and May. (BuzzFeed News)

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Talking point: This type of questioning has become common for social-media platforms around the world, but India is a unique case. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among the earliest adopters of the political tactic of reaching supporters through social media instead of talking to journalists. But the government has also tried to curb what happens on those sites, proposing rules that would require them to take down content it considers “anti-national” or unlawful; free speech groups have called it censorship. Twitter’s troubles in the country aren’t strictly policy-related—CEO Jack Dorsey caught a Hindu nationalist backlash for being pictured holding a poster given to him by a local activist.