Trump’s top trade adviser to meet with Silicon Valley leaders


In a meeting closed to the press, CEOs of Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc., Qualcomm Inc. and Oracle Corp. shared ideas with the administration on topics such as IP protection against China, the future of jobs and how to maintain America’s dominance in the innovation economy. “We would like their bold ideas to ensure American dominance” on AI, 5G, quantum computing and advanced manufacturing,” a senior White House official said. (Bloomberg)

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Talking point: Tensions are high between the White House and Silicon Valley. President Donald Trump has accused Facebook and Google of bias, Twitter of “trying to silence” people, and Amazon of undercutting the United States Postal Service. His trade war with China has been poorly received by the tech community, too. On Saturday, Trump and Chinese President Xi agreed not to raise tariffs for another 90 days. The news offered brief solace to the sector, as seen in temporary tech stock jumps, but the lack of details on the agreement has ultimately done little to stem concerns.