Trump cybersecurity adviser Giuliani takes locked iPhone to Genius Bar


Rudy Giuliani was locked out of his iPhone after entering his passcode incorrectly at least 10 times, according to an internal Apple Store memo. To restore his access to the device, an employee had to erase its data—which was backed up on Apple’s cloud—and reset it. (NBC)

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Talking point: In two past instances, Giuliani accidentally dialled and left voice messages for reporters in which he discussed the Trump administration’s ongoing conflict with Joe Biden and his son, among other things. On the basis of those events, as well as this recent incident, two former FBI agents—Michael Anaya and E.J. Hilbert—have called Giuliani’s cybersecurity expertise into question. The agents noted that an individual as close to President Donald Trump as his cybersecurity adviser—an informal position outside the government—should not give retail employees access to his digital devices, nor should they store data on Apple’s cloud service. Giuliani has not commented on the incident at the Apple Store.