Pablo Escobar’s brother hopes to ‘take down’ Elon Musk over a flamethrower


Robert Escobar says Musk stole the design for a flamethrower from him and his brother, and claims he plans to sue the Tesla CEO for US$100 million. (The Telegraph)

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Talking point: Musk’s Boring Company used to sell a novelty device called Not a Flamethrower, so named to skirt around customs regulations that restrict transporting flamethrowers. The Boring Company’s website says Not a Flamethrower, which featured a small propane tank and trigger mechanism, sold 20,000 models. The company also sold branded fire extinguishers. Escobar claims that he discussed the design for a novelty flamethrower with one of Musk’s engineers in 2017. When Escobar first threatened to sue Musk in July, Musk tweeted: “It’s not a flamethrower, Mr. Escobar,” adding that he actually stole the idea from the film Spaceballs.