Kids are launching cyberattacks to avoid exams


Cyberattacks are the new pulling-the-fire-alarm for getting out of test-taking, according to Matthew Prince, CEO of cybersecurity firm Cloudflare. Prince said the company sees a spike in DDoS—distributed denial-of-service—attacks at schools around exam time, blocking devices from accessing a test service. (Yahoo Finance)

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Talking point: The trend highlights the challenges with moving exams to the web. Last year, two students in New Jersey were arrested for hacking the school’s Wi-Fi networks ahead of an exam. And Questar Assessment, a Minnesota-based company that creates standardized exams, has been the target of cyberattacks across the U.S. that have involved students taking the wrong tests, their data being stolen, faulty scoring and disruptions that caused months-long delays in test-taking or all-out cancellations. Many of these disruptions likely feel like a godsend for ill-prepared students, but some of the more egregious glitches could compromise students’ grades as they’re applying for college or university.