Epic Games takes on Steam with its own, fairer game store


The developer behind the viral game Fortnite is launching an online shop for third-party games. The company will take 12 per cent of revenues generated in-store, compared to the base cut of 30 per cent that competitor Valve takes from its Steam shop.(The Verge)

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Talking point: Epic is using its moment of peak popular attention—Fortnite hit 200 million registered users last month—to diversify beyond its own titles and those built on its Unreal game engine. Steam reportedly had US$4.3 billion in sales last year, and Valve is now primarily a company that owns a game store, rather than a developer. Epic’s more favourable division of revenue could help bring over some third-party game makers. That said, more developers could start putting up their own stores, doing with games what big television companies have done with streaming by launching HBO Go, ESPN+ and Disney’s forthcoming service.