Apple’s edict ensures no bad guy will ever ask Siri anything


According to director Rian Johnson, who makes movies chock-full of bad guys, the Cupertino company forbids the use of real iPhones by make-believe villains. (Engadget)

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Talking point: Getting widgets into the hands of movie stars is big business. In 2019, product placement brought in over $11 billion in the U.S. Apple has had a knack for shoehorning its wares onto the screen with the likes of Tom Cruise and Sarah Jessica Parker—and for ensuring, in older episodes, that “24”’s Jack Bauer used Mac while his foils went strictly PC. “Bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera,” Johnson said. Yet as those viewers unfortunate enough to have taken in 2014’s And Uneasy Lies the Mind will attest, there’s nothing preventing directors from making bad movies with their iPhones.